Daily Routine in Office VS Quality Time at Home

“Our wife and kids need our time to make them completely alive”


Nowadays everyone in this modern world is always rushing. Not only when they are going to office but when they get back to home as well. This routine as if has been drown deeply into our head. No one push us to do it but it runs automatically. What time we have to wake up in morning, how many minutes we have to drive our vehicle to be in time in the office and so on. When we arrive in the office 5 minutes late from entering time, we will feel so sad. That’s why we are always running and speed up our vehicle to avoid late arriving.


But are we thinking that rushing is so dangerous during our time in traffic? I guess only some of us think about it. All we know that we have to come to office earlier and get back home a bit late from back home time. Lucky for employee who hospital cost is covering by company through insurance. Most of companies is also aware about it by registering all the employees for health insurance, hospital etc. We only thought if there is an accident in traffic we will not spend any penny to pay the hospital charge. Are we thinking what if we are dying in the traffic accident? What if we become a disable caused by traffic accident? Who will be more taking care of us due the disability we get? Is it our company or our family? Think again!


As a father who responsible to our family, we always try to have a good living for our wife and children. We hope that our children will have a good education, good healthy and of course wealthy as well. We work hard no matter how tired we are. As long as our family are well, we will effort to reach that goal and aim. We sometimes forget how our wife’s and kids’ feeling during we are working in the office. Some of us just think how to have much money and abra kada bra…. we can buy happiness for them. Think again!


Happiness is not about how much money we have. Maybe we see our wife’s laughing, kids are laughing…. but we never know do they really happy at that time, we do not know how hurt their heart when we are away from them in weekdays because we are only thinking about working and working. Start from 7:30 am to 18:00 pm (more or less) we are not seeing and watching them in laughing, crying or even sleeping a nap.

Terlalu sibuk untuk memantau atau menyelia semakan atau kerja rumah anak-anak

Our wife and kids need our time to make them completely alive. Working and money won’t able to buy their heart. Won’t able to create their honestly joy. All they need is how we can share a quality time with them even it is only chatting at home. Walking some blocks from home with kids or riding bikes for couple minutes. Quality family time is not go to shopping and buying some expensive clothes and foods. But quality family time is our exist next to them, laughing and joy time together. Thus say “Kids…. here I am to be with you” and kiss romantically to wife is most value than anything in this cruel world. Say no to work on weekends so we will have a best quality family time for us. For you and for our family.

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